In California, the Governor has declared a financial emergency. What do lawmakers have to do?

If lawmakers fail to act within the 45 days, they cannot adjourn or act on other bills until they solve the crisis.

If they have this to have a budget, why can’t Congress do the same thing re: health care?


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What the MSM Isn’t Telling You

Since the MSM has turned into the Jackson/Sanford Mistress Network, time for what they’re NOT telling you:

U.S. troops have pulled back to their bases and are now just advisors in various key cities. If Iraqi security forces need help, they’ll help. But who decided what’s a “problem”?

A new offensive has started in many key Taliban areas in Afghanistan.

The V.A. continues to offer support to women rape survivors. But there’s nothing for guy survivors. (And yes, they do exist).

Obama and the Democrats are watering down their Public Option for health care. Many fear that it’ll be essentially the same as private. In the capitalist States, if you don’t adapt to the market, you go out of business, right? Then again, having millions in campaign donations and expensive lobbyists help.

Live MSM reports from Iraq and Afghanistan that tell the truth don’t exist anymore. Did they ever?

The MSM is already putting their hopes on Sarah Palin winning in 2012. First Hillary didn’t get it. Then the person of color got it. So now it’s start really early and get revenge. But apparently, none of the MSM “experts” realize that being a nutcase is not a helpful thing in the job. How do we explain the guy before Obama? We can’t.

How do Iraqis feel about their new “freedom” that was based on a lie to start out with?

The Fed will continue to print money no matter what happens (devaluation of the dollar, hyperinflation. And more protectionism). Then again, when you have no real clue about this, who cares about details, right?

Have a nice night.

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Sanford Update #1

In his press conference (also the Beginning of the Apology Tour?), Sanford was asked, did he definitively end the affair? Did ever ever answer no?

He says he went driving along the coast for 5 days. In the area he was in it doesn’t take 5 days to drive a few miles along the coast.

He’s taken several taxpayer funded trips to Argentina “on business.”

If it turns out that he used this money to pay for his affair transportation, will he resign? Or like several Wall Street firms who hate TARP funds, he’ll give it all back?

More as it happens…..

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The Mark Sanford Mega Story (Not)

In case you haven’t heard, Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina finally came back. Also, we correctly predicted that yes, there WAS an Argentinian mistress in this story. McClatchey Newspapers say they knew about the story. But we were still right before anybody publically said it. Thank you very much.

The highlights:

Sanford disappears and says he’s gone “hiking on the Applachian Trail.”

His staff and others then say we think he’s there. Now we don’t know.

No one else (including his wife) knows.

Then we find out that he’s in Argentina. To try and be a step ahead, he comes back to the States via Atlanta. He’s met by a reporter and ends the conversation by saying, “who was I with? What do you think”? Maybe not the smartest move when you’re trying to avoid these people?

Then today, he says he’s had an affair with a woman (“a close personal friend”) in Argentina. The affair has been going on since last year. Two weeks ago, he and his wife agreed to a trail seperation.

Now, time for more predictions.

Will he resign? We say no for this reason. The rampant neocon hypocracy continues. Sanford, Larry Craig, Gengrich. The list goes on almost forever. The boring neocon response? Well, what about Clinton? What about David Patterson? We say, what about them? At least they’re weren’t running around saying we’re holier than thou (we’re morally superior to the Democrats). It’s funny on the cable news channels how the Great Debate turns out to be a joke. Because what do the neocons do? They can’t say, yeah this is great. So they dodge the issue. We support our party values. Oh really? Doesn’t look like it. Yet you keep saying you’re better than those damn “Socialist” Democrats. You’re against gay marriage. How does Larry Craig (who was convicted of gay solicitation, which IS a crime, by the way) feel about that? Naturally, they’re blissfully ignorant of the facts and will play along with these pointless “debates.”

He’ll continue to fight it out as long as he can. But we say eventually he’ll resign before the end of his current (and last) term. They’ll file for divorce. And sombody will write a tell-all book about it. Then get ready for the book tour, the TV mini-series option, the feature film option, Broadway play. And every marketing ploy you can imagine.

Now back to reality. Does anybody realize that we’re at war in Iraq?

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The U.K. Pre-Election Guide

Enjoy your weekend? In the U.K., things haven’t been so great for Prime Minister Gordon Brown:

Several of his Cabinet ministers have resigned.

Many are calling for the Queen to dissolve Parliament and to call for a new election.

But despite it all, Brown keeps going.

If there was an election, who could replace him? David Cameron? The Tories really don’t have an alternative. More de-regulation and tax cuts? No. Cameron’s now calling for taking more responsibility. But also, let local governments do it. Which is more de-regulation?

Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats has some interesting ideas. But, unfortunately the U.K. public tends to stick to the top two parties when push comes to shove. Several independent parties have picked up support in the EU elections. The Tories have picked up some support in the U.K. But Brown and the Labour Party is still there.

In many ways, a mirror image of Stateside politics. More as it happens.

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Let’s Catch Up

Sorry to be away for a while. But now we’re back. And what’s been happening?

GM’s gone bankrupt. Obama says “we have no interest in running GM.” We the taxpayers own roughly 60% of it. Which means it IS nationalized. But saying anything “socialist” is still forbidden by the DNC. The Canadian government and some foreign companies own the rest. Also, the government will give GM up to $50 billion more. And, the guy in charge of all of this has NO car company experience at all.

Now, how’s YOUR day?

A Chinese firm is going to buy Hummer. Which leads to lots of questions:

How come we the majority owners have no say in what’s being done? The guy in charge has no car industry experience. So you can’t use that as an excuse.

GM goes bankrupt and gets up to $50 billion more? How come other firms can’t get that?

How come we the public had no say in the negotiations? Because GM doesn’t want to be sued for their mistakes.

Will Hummer be written off of GM’s bankruptcy documents? Will the Chinese use this as leverage (since they’re the States biggest creditor)?

And, how long before the Chinese call in their debt? Lots of questions. And it’s only Wednesday.

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It’s Called Torture, Stupid!

The Torture in the States story gets weirder all the time.

There’s a Congressional hearing about this. But no one will say “torture.” Obama wants to stall releasing new torture photos. But no one will say “torture.”

Important point. How can move forward if you don’t prosecute war criminals and say that they “tortured”? Is there some law that says ONLY Rachel Maddow and Olbermann are allowed to say torture on their shows? How come the rest of us get arrested for doing the same thing? If it’s unpatriotic, how come G.E. lets them do it? Because it’s the cash cow of the moment.

But set that aside for a minute. The double standards, the over 1 million people (civilians and military) who’ve been killed in Iraq. And ask yourself one question.

(From the Randall Robinson book “Quitting America”. Page 131).

Would the war in Iraq have been worth a single life, if that single life were mine?

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